Hack WIFI having WPS Key using DUMPPER & QSS (TP-Link Router)


Want to hack a WIFI?
-If yes, this tutorial guides you through the whole process on how to hack a WIFI using DUMPPER and QSS. This method works only on TP-Link router which has it’s WPS key on.

The following steps will guide you throughout the process:

Firstly, download the required files by CLICKING HERE.

-After download is complete, extract the downloaded file (dummper and qss.zip) and install TP-Link QSS.

-After installing QSS, go back to the extracted folder and open DUMPPER.
(You might see Spanish language by default on DUMPPER, to change the language you can go to the “Opciones” tab and change the language to “English”).

-Go to “Networks” tab on DUMPPER and select your wireless adapter.


-Now, go to WPS tab and select “All Networks” then press “SCAN”.


– After scanning you will see the list of networks which shows the default WPSpin of routers. Select and copy the PIN of the WIFI you want to hack.

-After you have copied the PIN, close DUMPPER and open QSS which we installed earlier.You will see a setup wizard saying “Welcome To QSS”.Press “Next”.

-You will be asked to choose a setup method. Select the 3rd setup method (“Enter The PIN From My Access Point”).


-Paste the code we copied earlier from DUMPPER and Untick “Automatically Select The Network” and press NEXT.

-Now, select the wifi you want to hack and press NEXT again.

-Done, now QSS will configure the wifi and connect it within 30-60 seconds.You will see a “wireless configuration completed” screen after the setup is completed successfully.


Feel free to share this method.Remember, this method is for educational purpose only.

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